The Youth Aid Panel-Volunteers Needed

logoThe Youth Aid Panel run by the Center for Resolutions is looking for parent /adult community volunteers for the new Lansdowne/East Lansdowne Youth Aid Panel. The Panel provides an alternative means for first time juvenile offenders at the discretion of an arresting police officer.  Volunteers meet with juveniles after a summary-level arrest, such as an underage drinking, curfew violation, marijuana use, sexting or retail theft. The panels are poised to intervene in the lives of these young people as a mentor at the first moment they begin to make poor decisions.  After an interview, the panel creates assignments, or resolutions, that upon completion, expunge the child’s criminal record.  The assignments are typically composed of educational classes, community service, and individually tailored projects.  The Youth Aid Panel Program has the youth and community working collaboratively to shift the youth from the label of “criminal” to feeling empowered, educated, and connected to their community.   Volunteers are trained at the Center for Resolutions in Media and usually only meet just once a month.


       If you or anyone you know are interested please contact Denise Wusinich, Director of YAP at (610)566-7710 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  For more information on the Youth Aid Panel Program visit their website at   You can also fill out an application online at

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