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Mailing Address:el boro
East Lansdowne Police Dept.
155 Lexington Ave.
East Lansdowne, Pa.19050

Phone Numbers:
Emergency: 911
Phone: 610-259-2308
Fax: 610-622-5403
Over Night Parking: 610-259-0477

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Going on vacation?

East Lansdowne Police provides security checks of all properties within our jurisdiction. If you’re going to be away from your property for a period of time and would like to request that police check on your home or business, fill out a request form here.

Over NIght Parking

All vehicles parked on East Lansdowne roadways between the hours of 3am and 6am need to have a permit affixed to them or receive a temporary pass. Learn more in this section.


Local Ordinances are used by many towns to encourage residents and businesses to keep their property and daily events safe and enjoyable for all. Learn more about East Lansdowne Ordinances here.